React JS Training in Bangalore

Overview of the training modules covered during the full stack development training program

React JS Syllabus

React JS - Introduction

  • Introduction to React JS
  • React JS Application folder structure
  • Working with JSX
  • Using className, style
  • React Application Architecture
  • Creating Components in React
  • Conditional Rendering using Ternary Operator
  • Iterating through Arrays using Map to create multiple elements
  • Handling Events in React
  • Accessing event details

React JS - Component Communication

  • Communicating between components
  • Parent & Child Components
  • Props in React
  • Passing Data from Parent to Child Component
  • Passing Data from Child to Parent Component
  • Responding to Child Components events in Parent Component
  • Passing Children
  • Types of Components
  • Controlled Component

React Hooks - useState & useReducer

  • Introduction to React Hooks
  • State in React JS Application Components
  • Managing Component state in React
  • Using useState to hold that state
  • Asynchronous Events
  • Using useState with callback function
  • useReducer hook

React Hooks - useEffect & useContext

  • Handling Side Effects in React
  • useEffect Hook
  • Get Data on page load using useEffect hook
  • useEffect hook for a particular state variable
  • useEffect Clean-up Function
  • Entire Application State in React Application
  • Using useContext hook
  • Provide data using useContext hook
  • Access data from useContext hook

React Hooks - useMemo, useCallback, useRef

  • React Memo
  • Using useMemo hook
  • Using useCallback hook
  • Using useRef hook
  • Creating Custom Hooks

React - HTTP & Forms

  • Getting Data from Server using Fetch API
  • Working with Axios
  • Handling Input Elements
  • Controlled Input Elements
  • Uncontrolled Input Elements
  • Handling Forms
  • Handling Validations